POSIX time is the nominal time since 1970-01-01 00:00 UTC To convert from a CTime or System.Posix.EpochTime, use realToFrac.
The nominal (ignoring leap seconds) time difference since midnight 1970-01-01, the Unix epoch. Equvialent to a normalised struct timeval.
Control.Lens.Iso between UTCTime and POSIXTime.
> getPOSIXTime
> review posixTime <$> getPOSIXTime
2016-01-01 12:50:45.588729 UTC
Convert POSIXTime to Time.
Get the current POSIX time from the system clock.
Get the POSIX time. If SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is set to a unix time, it is used instead of the current time.
Time as seconds since midnight Jan 1 1970 UTC. Integer rendering as for SqlDiffTime.
realToFrac of Clock.Posix.getPOSIXTime
get_ct = getCurrentTimeAsPosix
get_pt = getPosixTimeAsPosix
(ct,pt) <- get_ct >>= \t0 -> get_pt >>= \t1 -> return (t0,t1)
print (pt - ct,pt - ct < 1e-5)
Convert Time to POSIXTime.
Return the current system POSIX time via gettimeofday, or getSystemTimeAsFileTime on Windows. See also getCurrentTime, getZonedTime.
Parse either a POSIX timestamp or RFC3339 formatted timestamp as POSIXTime.
Converts a POSIXTime to the given time zone.
Converts this moment in time to a POSIX timestamp.