:: String -> Int -package:hledger-lib -package:speculate -package:express -package:safe -package:Cabal -package:vty -package:ghc

convert a string of hexadecimal digits into an Int
convert a string of digits into an Int
Given a number encoded in Locator16, convert it back to an integer.
Raises an error with a printf-specific prefix on the message string.
Deprecated: error appends the call stack now
Creates an exception with a message. The default implementation of strMsg s is noMsg.
The error used in fixpointToFinal, runFixpoint and runFixpointM when the result of a failed computation is recursively used and somehow visible. You may use this for your own Fixpoint interpreters. The argument should be the name of the interpreter.
raise a fatal internal error; message may have multiple lines
stop execution and displays an error message
Alias for errorWithoutStackTrace (for base >= 4.9)
stop execution and displays an error message
Like error, but throwing an XException instead of an ErrorCall The ShowX methods print these error-values as undefined; instead of error'ing out with an exception.