:: String -> Int -package:hledger-lib -package:speculate -package:numeric-prelude -package:express -package:ghc-lib-parser -package:base -package:network

convert a string of hexadecimal digits into an Int
convert a string of digits into an Int
Returns the display width of a string. Assumes all characters with unknown widths are 0 width.
Given a number encoded in Locator16, convert it back to an integer.
Synonym for error. Used for instances where the program has decided to exit because of invalid user input, or the user pressed quit etc. This function allows error to be reserved for programmer errors.
Panics and asserts.
Panics and asserts.
Panics and asserts.
Creates an exception with a message. The default implementation of strMsg s is noMsg.
The error used in fixpointToFinal, runFixpoint and runFixpointM when the result of a failed computation is recursively used and somehow visible. You may use this for your own Fixpoint interpreters. The argument should be the name of the interpreter.
raise a fatal internal error; message may have multiple lines
stop execution and displays an error message
Alias for errorWithoutStackTrace (for base >= 4.9)
stop execution and displays an error message
Like error, but throwing an XException instead of an ErrorCall The ShowX methods print these error-values as undefined; instead of error'ing out with an exception.
this function indicates to catch that an error is expected
nonBottomError s raises an exception (AssertionFailed) that is not caught by isBottom. Use s to describe the exception.