:: String -> Int is:exact -package:safe -package:speculate -package:hxt -package:ghc-lib-parser -package:gpolyline -package:polysemy

Returns the display width of a string. Assumes all characters with unknown widths are 0 width.
Alias for realLength.
Like strWidth, but also strips ANSI escape sequences before calculating the width. This is no longer used in code, as widths are calculated before adding ANSI escape sequences, but is being kept around for now.
Returns the precedence of default Haskell operators
Given a number encoded in Locator16, convert it back to an integer.
Raises an error with a printf-specific prefix on the message string.
Deprecated: error appends the call stack now
Panics and asserts.
Panics and asserts.
Panics and asserts.
Creates an exception with a message. The default implementation of strMsg s is noMsg.
raise a fatal internal error; message may have multiple lines