:: String_ -> _ Int

Throw an error, escaping the current computation up to the nearest catchError (if any).
runThrow (throwError e >>= k) = runThrow (throwError e)
Like throwEnvelopeErr but without providing a message.
>>> import Control.Monad.Except (runExcept)

>>> throwEnvelopeErr "BAD_ERROR" "a very bad error occurred!" :: Either (Err String) Int
Left (Err {errErr = "BAD_ERROR", errExtra = Just "a very bad error occurred!"})
A higher-order generalisation of replicate. For example
foo :: IO (String, String, String)
foo = replicateT getLine
> foo
Use sequenceT instead. It has a better name.
A higher-order generalisation of sequenceA. For example
> sequenceT (print 3110, putStrLn World) :: IO ((), ())