Process module:System -package:unix -is:module -package:cryptonite -package:clock -package:typed-process

Process a list of flags (usually obtained from getArgs/expandArgsAt) with a mode. Returns Left and an error message if the command line fails to parse, or Right and the associated value.
A handle to a process, which can be used to wait for termination of the process using waitForProcess. None of the process-creation functions in this library wait for termination: they all return a ProcessHandle which may be used to wait for the process later. On Windows a second wait method can be used to block for event completion. This requires two handles. A process job handle and a events handle to monitor.
ProcessId, number of threads, parent ProcessId, process base priority, path of executable file
This will always come first, before any output or exit code.
see PROCID; fetch via getProcessId
A convenient handler for the output of a createProcess call. This data containes 4 components: