Process module:System -package:unix -is:module -package:cryptonite -package:io-streams -is:exact -package:clock

A running process. The three type parameters provide the type of the standard input, standard output, and standard error streams. To interact with a Process use the functions from the section Interact with a process.
Process a list of flags (usually obtained from getArgs/expandArgsAt) with a mode. Returns Left and an error message if the command line fails to parse, or Right and the associated value.
A handle to a process, which can be used to wait for termination of the process using waitForProcess. None of the process-creation functions in this library wait for termination: they all return a ProcessHandle which may be used to wait for the process later. On Windows a second wait method can be used to block for event completion. This requires two handles. A process job handle and a events handle to monitor.
ProcessId, number of threads, parent ProcessId, process base priority, path of executable file
An abstract configuration for a process, which can then be launched into an actual running Process. Takes three type parameters, providing the types of standard input, standard output, and standard error, respectively. There are three ways to construct a value of this type:
  • With the proc smart constructor, which takes a command name and a list of arguments.
  • With the shell smart constructor, which takes a shell string
  • With the IsString instance via OverloadedStrings. If you provide it a string with no spaces (e.g., "date"), it will treat it as a raw command with no arguments (e.g., proc "date" []). If it has spaces, it will use shell.
In all cases, the default for all three streams is to inherit the streams from the parent process. For other settings, see the setters below for default values. Once you have a ProcessConfig you can launch a process from it using the functions in the section Launch a process.
This will always come first, before any output or exit code.
CPU options impacting cryptography implementation and library performance.
An exception that is raised when a process fails.
The exit code of the process.