Process module:System -package:unix -package:process-extras -package:haskell-awk -package:base -package:typed-process -is:exact

Operations for creating and interacting with sub-processes.
A collection of FFI declarations for interfacing with Win32.
A module adapting the functions from System.Process to work with io-streams.
Use OS processes just like native Haskell functions - to generate, transform or consume streams. See Streamly.System.Command module for a higher level wrapper over this module. See also: Streamly.Internal.System.Process for unreleased functions.
Process a list of flags (usually obtained from getArgs/expandArgsAt) with a mode. Returns Left and an error message if the command line fails to parse, or Right and the associated value.
A handle to a process, which can be used to wait for termination of the process using waitForProcess. None of the process-creation functions in this library wait for termination: they all return a ProcessHandle which may be used to wait for the process later. On Windows a second wait method can be used to block for event completion. This requires two handles. A process job handle and a events handle to monitor.
CPU options impacting cryptography implementation and library performance.
ProcessId, number of threads, parent ProcessId, process base priority, path of executable file
The identifier of the CPU-time clock associated with the calling process. For this clock, the value returned by getTime represents the amount of execution time of the current process.
An exception that is raised when a process fails.
The exit code of the process.
Process the flags obtained by getArgs and expandArgsAt with a mode. Displays an error and exits with failure if the command line fails to parse, or returns the associated value. Implemented in terms of process. This function makes use of the following environment variables:
  • $CMDARGS_COMPLETE - causes the program to produce completions using complete, then exit. Completions are based on the result of getArgs, the index of the current argument is taken from $CMDARGS_COMPLETE (set it to - to complete the last argument), and the index within that argument is taken from $CMDARGS_COMPLETE_POS (if set).
  • $CMDARGS_HELPER/$CMDARGS_HELPER_PROG - uses the helper mechanism for entering command line programs as described in System.Console.CmdArgs.Helper.
Process a list of flags (usually obtained from getArgs and expandArgsAt) with a mode. Throws an error if the command line fails to parse, or returns the associated value. Implemeneted in terms of process. This function does not take account of any environment variables that may be set (see processArgs). If you are in IO you will probably get a better user experience by calling processValueIO.
Like processValue but on failure prints to stderr and exits the program.