Process module:System -package:unix -package:typed-process -is:exact -package:clock -package:process

A collection of FFI declarations for interfacing with Win32.
A module adapting the functions from System.Process to work with io-streams.
Process a list of flags (usually obtained from getArgs/expandArgsAt) with a mode. Returns Left and an error message if the command line fails to parse, or Right and the associated value.
CPU options impacting cryptography implementation and library performance.
ProcessId, number of threads, parent ProcessId, process base priority, path of executable file
This will always come first, before any output or exit code.
see PROCID; fetch via getProcessId
Convenient data type with associated optics + isos for working with the output of a createProcess call.
A convenient handler for the output of a createProcess call. This data containes 4 components: