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A collection of FFI declarations for interfacing with Win32.
Use OS processes just like native Haskell functions - to generate, transform or consume streams. See Streamly.System.Command module for a higher level wrapper over this module. See also: Streamly.Internal.System.Process for unreleased functions.
Convenient data type with associated optics + isos for working with the output of a createProcess call.
Invoking external preprocessors.
This module provides the associated optics and combinators for working with CreateProcess objects. Because CreateProcess was created before the `_` prefix record name convention, some record accessors don't have an apparently "good" name for their corresponding lens. Those that do not are post-fixed with `_`. Thankfully, there are 6 that meet the criteria: cmdspec_, env_, cwd_, stdin_, stdout_, and stderr_. We provide classy variants of what we consider the significant portions of CreateProcess - namely, the std_in, std_out, and std_err entries.