map package:hspec

map f xs is the list obtained by applying f to each element of xs, i.e.,
map f [x1, x2, ..., xn] == [f x1, f x2, ..., f xn]
map f [x1, x2, ...] == [f x1, f x2, ...]
Map each element of a structure to a monadic action, evaluate these actions from left to right, and ignore the results. For a version that doesn't ignore the results see mapM. As of base, mapM_ is just traverse_, specialized to Monad.
An associative operation NOTE: This method is redundant and has the default implementation mappend = '(<>)' since base-
Map a function over all the elements of a container and concatenate the resulting lists.
Map each element of the structure to a monoid, and combine the results.