until -package:numeric-prelude -package:streaming -package:util -package:scalpel-core -package:monad-loops -package:sparse-linear-algebra

until p f yields the result of applying f until p holds.
repeat action until result fulfills condition
until p f yields the result of applying f until p holds.
until p f yields the result of applying f until p holds.
Produce until the given event occurs. When it occurs, inhibit with its value forever.
  • Depends: now until event occurs.
  • Inhibits: forever after event occurs.
An until command.
Repeatedly run a computation until it produces a Just value. This can be useful when paired with a monad that has side effects. For example, we may have genId :: IO (Maybe Id) that uses a random number generator to allocate ids, but fails if it finds a collision. We can repeatedly run this with
retract (untilJust genId) :: IO Id
Keep running an operation until it becomes a Just, then return the value inside the Just as the result of the overall loop.
Deprecated: use M.until
Repeat action until f does not give Nothing when applied to result.
Repeat action until predicate f is True when applied to result.
This utility function run a list of IO actions and returns the first that return a Just, if no one does, returns Nothing
Keep running an effectful computation until it returns a Right value, collecting the Left's using a supplied Monoid instance.
Similar to Yampa's delayed switching. Loses a b in case of an exception.
Run the first msf until the second one produces True from the output of the first.
Create a spline from a stream and an event stream. The spline uses the stream's values as its own output values. The spline will run until the event stream produces an event, at that point the last known output value and the event value are tupled and returned as the spline's result.
A variant of untilEvent that results in the last known output value.
Create a spline from an event stream. Outputs noevent until the event stream procs, at which point the spline concludes with the event value.