filesize -package:basement -package:ghc -package:http-client -package:LibZip -package:unix -package:base -package:MissingH -package:turtle

Size of the file in bytes. If this file is a symbolic link the size is the length of the pathname it contains.
File size
File size.
File size in bytes. Read-only attribute represented as a Natural.
File size in bytes
For some files we might not know the size beforehand, but we might be able to provide an upper bound (timestamp, root info)
For most files we download we know the exact size beforehand (because this information comes from the snapshot or delegated info)
Obtain the size of a file in bytes.
Do not limit the maximum filesize per file.
Set the maximum filesize per file (in bytes).
Lifted getFileSize.
Lifted version of hFileSize
Lifted version of hSetFileSize