filesize -package:basement -package:ghc-lib -package:stack -package:hackage-security -package:unix-compat -package:flac -package:http-client -package:unix

File size.
Set to 0 if unknown or a directory
Size of the file in bytes. Does not follow symlinks
File size
Get size of a file in the archive.
File size in bytes
Get size of a file in the archive (by index).
For a handle hdl which attached to a physical file, hFileSize hdl returns the size of that file in 8-bit bytes.
hSetFileSize hdl size truncates the physical file with handle hdl to size bytes.
Obtain the size of a file in bytes.
Do not limit the maximum filesize per file.
Set the maximum filesize per file (in bytes).
Lifted getFileSize.
Lifted version of hFileSize
Lifted version of hSetFileSize